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In a past year, I wrote an in-depth piece outlining and providing sources to some very disturbing facts about the Salvation Army.

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The mainstay options of Girl Scouts, UNICEF, and the ALS Association have already been exposed as being bedfellows with unsavory sorts – like Planned Parenthood.

Although there are worthy, ethical alternatives, you won’t find them pushed by banks, schools, businesses, or even churches.

In the end, Booth had come to the conclusion that not only were the Sacraments not vital, they were mistakes.

Therefore, in his “Foundation Deed”, he abolished the Sacraments completely.

The scripture readings at Mass remind us of those in need and our moral obligation toward them.

What a sad statement about current times, then, that we are forced to look a gift horse in the mouth. As the giving season continues, as well as the rest of the year, we are often hard-pressed to find a charity compatible with our moral values.

It’s Advent and our thoughts naturally turn toward less fortunate souls, longing for basic niceties, and the call for selfless giving.

Christ-like love, almsgiving, and prayer are staples of this anticipatory time which brings in the new Church year.

Although for some years he continued to follow the Protestant tradition of two Sacraments – Baptism and the “Lord’s Supper” — he held they were purely symbolic, until finally he dispensed with them altogether.

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