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Here's an early 1950s King 2B Silversonic with all the bells and whistles, the deluxe gold inlay finish. It isn't the most fancy or glorious but it does play well and is a very nice instrument for a student or young professional looking for a quality horn that won't break the bank. This is a newer Eastlake Conn 8D, good lightly used condition with some minor cosmetic blems and normal wear from use.

You'd be hard pressed to find a more beautiful trombone than this one. Sterling silver bell, great slide and original case with documents. A good playing instrument that will serve as a workhorse for many years to come.

Its spent most of its life here in Los Angeles and has many years of use left. A unique opportunity to own one of the early custom made instruments by Marc L'Anglier.

Beautiful and rare Conn 70H bass trombone from the 1920s, with optional E rotary switch valve.

This isn't a "Fuchs" Model but the standard smaller throated 70H. Tuning in the slide with opera wheel tuning system, beautiful yellow brass with flat wrap F attachment.

A piece of history to use in period work or just to own an important instrument in the evolution of the trombone. This is a terrific playing Bach 42 and has the coveted "Stainless Steel" casing from O. I love the sound of it, orchestral but clear and brilliant. Dick played this trombone on countless film scores, it's got lots of good notes in it.

$1600 with case (and his name stamp still inside) A very nice playing Shires bass trombone with dependent trubore valves, one of 9 sets I believe.

Most interestingly, this trombone is currently set up with a "Haynor" valve system.

If you look at the photos, you can see how it functions.The concept being that the weight of the instrument is cradled in the palm of your left hand while you pull the levers of the valves towards you.Works well for players that have shoulder trouble or otherwise have issues holding up a bass trombone.We believe that there were six L'Anglier bass trombones built, this one being #5 of 6.The bell is from a Corporation 50BGL (10.5" gold brass flare), valves are inline rotary in standard Bb/F/Gb/D configuration.Get a bargain price on it 75 with case Rumor has it that Larry Minick was involved with the design of this model, could be true. The 112H is a great bargain for an inline valve bass trombone.

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