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(Today, we spend about 27 hours a month online, according to Nielsen.) In the mid-'90s, Coffey was working in the R&D department at NPD.

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Many didn't do so on purpose: With 5 million subscribers, AOL was the world's largest ISP, and when members loaded up the Web, they went to the company's site by default.

For similar reasons, AOL's search engine, Web, was the second most popular page.

This produced pretty good results—when you searched for "White House Web site," you could be sure you'd get to the right page because someone had actually looked up the official site.

Obviously, though, such a model was unable to keep pace with the growth of the Web.

The dot-com boom had already begun on Wall Street—Netscape went public in 1995—but what's striking about the old Web is how unsure everyone seemed to be about what the new medium was for.

Small innovations drove us wild: Look at those animated dancing cats!

Sifting through old Web pages today is a bit like playing video games from the 1970s; the fun is in considering how awesome people thought they were, despite all that was missing.

In 1996, just 20 million American adults had access to the Internet, about as many as subscribe to satellite radio today.

There was no instant-messaging software; the first big IM client, ICQ, hit the Web early in 1997.

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