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Sabaean / In my Manx paradise there are whole- some smells, and plenty of them. My reading is not exactly desultory ; at any rate, it is not sporadic or accidental. This strong fierce man has become rapturously enamoured of a Manx princess (historical), say noo A. He was ' so kind, so courteous, so good-humoured, so liberal, so clever ' those were something like the words. I don't know whether you are aware that I am a real good dreamer, and I remember my dreams, and can, more or less, give them an adequate form. Of course February will not show the Curraghs at their best. I desult, but of set purpose, knowing the horse I change to. How one sees him in the superficial representation ! Jin Yoo-Jin tells the cops that he will get his ID out of his bag and proceeds to flee from the cops.

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What a thing it is to have the command of your i8 94 ] LETTERS OF T. Milton, as perhaps you observe, occupies me much, and I have revived my old ' Rep" 1 This, it strikes me, is a great benefit, and it is undoubtedly a pleasant practice. That is Bartholomew ; not a finished portrait, but the man 22 LETTERS OF T. BROWN [1894 as seen by a gentle, not, perhaps, altogether dis- interested soul, such as we may imagine that of ' the mild Hindoo.' There was a letter from himself to his brother, the last he ever wrote. It gave an account of a visit to a temple crowded with natives keeping the feast ; and the chief magistrate crowned him with a garland, according to custom, and offered fruits.

One knew it in one's youth as a harassing, burden- some task. Then he caught the cholera, but did not know that he had.

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IRWIN THIRD EDITION WESTMINSTER ARCHIBALD CONSTABLE AND CO., LTD. Tarver felt just the same, and, staying at the Sulby Glen Hotel, always walked out along the plain, not up the glen. Bedad, sorr, it's niver very far from me at the best of times just a bit of a wall to jump over, and there you are, free and happy, and most vulgarly unconditioned. let's break into Manx verse : The Cistercian propagandhar And the lek o' yandhar An Alexandhar ! And Pope Anastasiers, And goodness grayshers, Sure it 's quite facatiers In gineral ! He is not dead, however, but very much alive in the parts about Virginia, U. He was at King William's ; and I have not seen him now for thirty-three years. The one I delivered in Peel at the beginning of January has got out there, and has stirred my old friend to recognition and Wiederanknupfung. has just sent me a book (type-written) of his poems. BROWN 25 derived endless solace from the impressions of which they (the poems) are the record, and I do sympathize with you so entirely, both in the ' states of mind ' they indicate, and the singular felicity of expression attained.

2 WHITEHALL GARDENS 1900 OXFORD: HORACE HART PRINTER TO THE UNIVERSITY 75' 2 00 LETTERS OF T. I wish you could come across some time in May, and see this little paradise of a bog. I took upon myself to operate upon an offending corn ; the result of this brilliant demonstration in surgery is a wound which refuses to be healed. I am much interested in a young Manxman, who seems to be endowed with a very special gift, i.e. As you go on measuring, and noting facts and figures, some fire is generated, kindles, smoulders for a while ; gradually a mad passion is formed, a genuine distress amative. People may doubt, and sneer, and say ' How about History ? This is the unquestion- able efflorescence of the state in which he has got himself by the most sober pursuit of dry, technical investigations. Of course I find it hard to conceive the process ; but there it is. Yes, I am getting more and more convinced that the great mistake about us is that we were born in the professional class. So I shall as soon as possible wiederankniipf him with a letter. That was also, I remember, the fate of a magazine so called. To that extent the garrulity of old age may surely be trusted to produce a quantum sufficit of things memorable or otherwise. ' Caedmon's Song,' one of the longest, is quite first-rate. Such sleep as that of last night is enough to make me sing. 'A/^i Se^ioj, you have two good strings to your bow, and they are both of the true Loxian twist.

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