dating older boys - Another tv comic is dating a staffer

She may have got it wrong, confiding it to her diary then, but as a grown-up 30 years later she should know that his was no ‘sexual harassment,’ and not call him a ‘predator.'” More here.

based on a comic book by Douglas Gayeton (which was never released), featuring four amnesiac roommates with the ability to enter an ethereal realm known as the Delta State.

They face the dual tasks of piecing together their past lives and battling a group of Delta State denizens called Rifters, who seek to control the human mind.

They may appear to be harmless and self-absorbed but they have astonishing, paranormal powers and an invincible motivation: To retrieve the secrets to their past lives, hidden deep in the parallel dimension of the Delta State." — Professor R.

Brodie, opening credits Teletoon first began releasing Delta State on DVD, three episodes per disc, with a delay of several months between batches, first with "Delta State First Contact" (episodes 1 – 3) released May 16, 2006; and then with "Delta State The Reading" (episodes 4 – 6), released October 10, 2006.

Four people each become aware that they possess superhuman abilities of the mind, and are charged by their friend and mentor Professor Brodie with saving the world from Rifter forces.

Brodie trains them to battle Rifters in the Delta State, a reference to the brain wave pattern achieved during deep sleep.After writing the original show bible and directing the pilot for the series Gayeton moved on to other projects, though he remains a fan of the work.To this date the graphic novel has yet to be sold in stores as it is owned by Alphanim.Calling Dustin Hoffman a predator is simply going too far,” Schlondorff wrote in a statement.“Slapping her butt on the way to the car, with driver, stage manager and PAs around, may have happened, but again in a funny way, nothing lecherous about it.Shooting and recording were performed by Nelvana Canada.

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