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Florence Jaukae found herself abandoned by her husband, with children to feed and didn't know what to do.

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In one example, the study revealed that 25 percent of the men studied in Cambodia admitted to having committed rape.

A new study from the United Nations out last month revealed startling attitudes toward sex and sexual violence in six countries across the Asia Pacific region.

Australia forces all would-be asylum-seekers into camps on two islands.

Police in Manus, where one of the camps is located, removed dozens of refugees in an effort to end a stand-off that has drawn global attention to Canberra's tough asylum-seeker policies.

She has been a representative at the EU Migrants Forum, Beijing World Women’s Conference, UN Commission on Status of Women in New York, EU Council, World Conference on Racism.

Indira has produced videos, and leaflets and has chaired national projects on breast cancer, HRT, menopause, hysterectomy, heart problems, diabetes, violence against women, women’s human rights, poverty, racism, violence against women, women and environment, and gender discrimination. International work includes research on early and forced marriages, female genital mutilation in Kenya and Tanzania, female infanticide in India, HIV Aids in South Africa, widows rights, water projects developing countries, women in armed conflicts on the India/Pakistan border, tribal women in Nilgiri Mountains of India.

She also represents the WNC on the Conference on Non-Governmental Organisations (CONGO) at the United Nations.

Indira has spoken at international conferences including the United Nations, on Harmful Traditional Practices affecting Women, Forced Marriages, Traditions of Dowries, FGM, Women’s Sexual and Reproductive rights, Trafficking in Women, Women in Armed Conflicts, Women and HIV Aids, and Human Rights of women.

Meanwhile, old episodes of Doctor Who, the pop-hit TV show, have resurfaced. The World's Jason Margolis reports on a group of people we haven't heard from in a while: global warming skeptics; they believe climate change isn't real and that governments shouldn't regulate greenhouse gases.

An expedition team, just back from a trip to Papua New Guinea, has discovered some new species� Anchor Marco Werman speaks with the team leader, George Mc Gavin of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

"The people of Papua New Guinea have enjoyed getting to know more and learn about Britain through the colourful programmes that the Connect UK Office have organised for the last three years.

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