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Remember how excited you first were to have a swimming pool or hot tub? But for most people they come to their swimming pool or hot tub less and less. The swimming pool becomes mostly just a maintenance chore.

Over 70% of people with swimming pools say they would not want one again with their next house.

Within 3 years over half of hot tubs are drained and never used.

78% of pool owners surveyed would not want a swimming pool again. You would think people would rush to jump in, but for some reason have less and less interest in doing so?

There is a completely nature and 100% safe alternative.

It is rapidly growing in popularity in the USA and even more so in Europe.

The EPA has observed and documented hormonal imbalance, suppressed immune systems, reproductive infertility and alterations in fetal development of animals.

In viewing the big picture, these factors are perhaps the most frightening results from the widespread use of chlorine." "the origin of heart disease is akin to the origin of cancer.

Many of the beautiful pools and hot tubs of the rich and famous are professionally maintained upon the knowledge offered here. If you do not have a swimming pool or Hot Tub, click on the picture the left for our bath page specials for the most wonderful sleep of your life to the left or to many more specials by clicking on the banner to the right.

You will fall in love with your pool or hot tub again. There is a huge collection of very interesting knowledge by scrolling down on this page. When a person has their first swimming pool or hot tub for the first time it is very exciting.

Feel tired and worn rather than refreshed after being in your pool, spa or hot tub?

* Chlorine combines with natural organic matter decaying vegetation to form potent cancer causing trihalomethanes (THM’s) * Collectively include such carcinogens as chloroforms, bromoforms carbon tectachloride, bischlorothane and other cancer causing agents * The level of chlorine in swimming pools is over 1,000% the level deemed minimally safe by the EPA in water * Causes atherosclerosis, stroke and heart attack * Causes skin to prematurely age * Damages the human eye * Causes bladder, breast, testicular, bladder, colon, or rectal and bowel cancer as well as malignant melanoma * Damages lung tissue * Causes acne, psoriasis, seborrhea and eczema * Converts to dioxins - the most dangers of cancer causing chemicals and which build up permanently within a person's body causes infertility and birth defects * Damages the nervous system permanentlyz, "that it should be banned.

This can create a very serious health problem; the dioxins and other toxic chemicals accumulate in the fatty tissues.

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