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Ultimately the following components were purchased to support my A/C conversion from R12 to R134a: Note that most of these parts can be bought much cheaper through a local auto parts store (e.g.

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To start this process I needed to educate myself as to the various components of the A/C system, their role in the cooling process, and whether they would work properly with R134a.

Keep in mind that the information presented in this update is specific to a 1971 Corvette – you may find some variations if your Corvette is a different model year.

Note that not all of the components are installed in the photos below – namely the compressor and condenser.

If anyone has one they want to donate I’ll gladly take them off your hands and give you a shout out in my next update!

They may not be exact replicas from an appearance standpoint but, if originality isn’t a big deal for you, there’s an opportunity to save 30-50% on these parts.

Once you understand the system, and have the necessary parts on hand, the steps for completing the conversion are generally as follows: So there’s the process.With the engine compartment wiring and vacuum lines now installed I decided it was time to give the air conditioning (A/C) system a bit of attention.However, many of the original A/C components were in pretty tough shape and well beyond repair.It’s worth noting that, if your existing R12 system is in good working order, leave it alone.A swap to R131a is only necessary if your system needs a major overhaul or has been open to the atmosphere for quite some time.Together these two valves maintain 29.5 psi of pressure in the evaporator for maximum cooling efficiency while keeping the temperature of the refrigerant above freezing.

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