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The efficiencies we gain from using AVG mean valuable time we can spend on other IT projects to meet the needs of our constituents." John Allman, Technology Director, City of Brentwood Download PDF Force India "Now that everyone has experienced how much more efficient AVG is at work, weve been inundated by colleagues wanting us to uninstall their existing software on their private home laptops and install AVG for them." Adrian Collinson, Head of IT, Force India Download PDF Maricopa Schools "AVG never lets anything in. It basically eliminates any downtime." Al Allen, Network Administrator/Technology Director, Maricopa Unified School District Download PDF Virgin Digital Help "AVG brings Virgin Digital Help the brand of choice for those who know whats what in Internet Security along with a loyal client base of 150 million users created almost entirely through word of mouth." Tim Dowling, Marketing & Customer Operations Director, Virgin Digital Help Download PDF Waingels College "Internet security shouldn't take up time its important, but if it just gets on and does its job, and has been designed well, you should be able to forget about it.

That has been our experience with AVG over the past 5 years." Simon Mills, Network Manager, Waingels Download PDF R&O Construction "AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition is a great product.

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All network traffic to and from the server is scanned efficiently by AVG's Resident Shield, which uses a filter driver attached to the Windows network redirector.

This ensures total security against all known threats at both server and client level.

It’s important to note while AVG may flag some emails as dangerous, these emails may be safe.

It’s important to know who is sending you these emails since spam emails usually come from people you don’t know.

Using AVG Antivirus Free 2015, we’ll show you how to customize and optimize its settings to make sure you’re properly protected.

The default settings in AVG Antivirus Free 2015 are good, but they only cover general settings.

But if you’re using Windows XP or haven’t installed updates, this option can be beneficial.

You don’t need to worry about the settings located under uses AVG to monitor your email and protects it against dangerous attachments.

Plenty of security features, good centralised management with group policies, improved installation and very good value" Dave Mitchell, SC Magazine Read Full Review Tolly Testing Labs "Testing showed that, with AVG, users can save valuable time in managing their security solution time that can be better used to focus on their business.

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