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They are interested to meet with foreigners so you can expect to be popular even if you look average. I walked a lot at night between places and I never felt scared.

The following guide should cover everything you need to know about partying in Almaty. Naturally, more bars were open and the atmosphere was generally nicer.

Even on Wednesdays, it is difficult to find somewhere that isn't completely empty.

Clubs start to fill up at midnight and they close at 5 AM or 6 AM.

If you have experience partying during the winter, please share it in the comment section below.

Almaty nightlife is spread out in the city center, called the Golden Square, without a specific party neighborhood.

I visited at 2AM, just after Ooh Chic which is around the corner. Open during summers, it is a large rooftop with several semi-open themed bars (Cocktail and Friends, Made in China, Bootlegger, Death&Co, Sangria Bar, Mvmmonth, Wall Street, Dilani, etc).

The entrance fee was 2,000 Tenge, with no drinks included (I had a whisky coke = 1,300 Tenge). The atmosphere was really lively, with all customers in full party mode. The space between each becomes the dance floor during peak hours on Friday and Saturday.

Inside, there are 3 separate rooms on 2 floors, each with a different music (Rn'B and EDM). In general, the entertainment consists of live music followed by commercial house/hip hop.

Expensive prices for Almaty standards (1,500 - 2,000 Tenge for drinks).

This nightclub, whose name could be translated as "Territory of the United Bars", was my favorite in Almaty.

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