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This part of the movement comes from privilege, and is in fact comparatively small, especially in Bangalore.The real numbers, and the full-time personnel, come from working-class groups, especially alliances of HIV activists, (third-gender minorities who, though they inherit a tradition centuries old and widely tolerated in India, must survive on the most ragged fringes of public performance and sex work).These are real contingencies behind the decision of Google and Goldman to publicize their support for queer rights here. The movement absolutely wants corporate India to be outspoken in its commitment to fairness.

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In Madras in 2008, working-class groups managed to get a third-gender category included on ration cards, securing their right to subsidized rice and kerosene.

Simultaneously, in Delhi, graduates of India’s most elite law college made liberal arguments before the High Court, knocking the supports out from under IPC 377.

In India, the movement battles only against a thick gas of taboo, and only the occasional nutter seems to rush out of it into the sunlight.

On the other hand, many proponents of gay rights are youngish, charismatic, full-hearted people, fiercely urban and full of discretion on everything from their politics (left) to the cut of their jeans (tight).

Among other, more intentional battles, they’re at the forefront of the battle between Bugdroid and Blackberry.

With this combination of dazzling advocates and murky opponents, the movement presents practically no barriers to corporate participation.And the coup de grâce is their own photogenicity, revealed at events like Pride: they look the part of New India.Apart from their sexualities, but also because of that, they make good early-adopters of lifestyle goods and cultural stuff.There were a lot of them, and they were passing around bright, branded yo-yos and stickers to all the sad sorts who had turned up at a Pride march in black T-shirts.Soon the parade was swarming with rainbow Bugdroids.They got everywhere: onto our lapels and butt-pockets and noses and windshields. Because my own chest now expressed the demand for fairness, respect, love, and a low-cost, Linux-based smartphone platform.

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