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Well, the stars were no problem, but after a while, we were getting over-striped. So, on January 13, 1794, Congress passed a second flag resolution stating "the flag shall have 15 stripes, alternate red and white with a union of 15 stars, white on blue field." It was the 15 striped flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the "Star Spangled Banner." But, by 1817 the flag was getting bigger and bigger and had 20 stars and stripes.So once again Congress did a Flag Act in 1818 and decided that the flag should have no more than 13 red and white stripes (for the 13 original colonies), and only a NEW STAR would be added every time we got a state, but no more stripes of any color. Many angry Northerners wanted to remove the stars of the states that had succeeded from the union.

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On June 14, 1923 men from 68 patriotic groups met in Washington, DC to draw up a set of rules on how to handle the flag.

In 1942, Congress put them all into the official Flag Code.

The Great Seal of the United States is a round piece of metal cast on both sides.

It was first commissioned by Congress after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The Secretary of State keeps it for use on official documents (but only if the President order it.) The front of the seal is the Bald Eagle, wings spread, with a shield of the US on his chest.

I spent one entire summer taking the metro train into Washington every weekend to see all it has to offer. I've seen everything on this page except Arlington Cemetery and the Statue of Liberty.

Benjamin Franklin was the "New Flag" Committee chairman.We all know how Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey, because the turkey was a domestic, useful and tasty.But the turkey wasn't impressive enough for most of our forefathers.Betsy suggested a 5 pointed star because she demonstrated how easy they were to make when you fold cloth a certain way and cut.An actual bill for the design of the flag was presented to Congress by Francis Hopkinson (who also is one of the signer's of the Declaration of Independence) asking for payment for designing this flag.So a compromised was reached in 1782 and Congress chose the BALD EAGLE, rather than the Golden Eagle (most commonly used by other countries) because the Bald Eagle was unique to North America and not used by other countries, while still having impressive nobility.

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