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The world's leading climate change experts will this week outline highly controversial plans to save the world from global warming.Their proposals - which include a major expansion in nuclear power, the use of GM crops to boost biofuel production, and reliance on unproven technologies, including the underground storage of carbon dioxide - will put the UN's climate group on a collision course with a host of environmental groups.

These results imply that Europe may face a slightly cooler future than predicted by IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Spreading giant anti-glare shields over the glacier each April after piling tonnes of loose snow upon it, workers at the Zugspitezebahn cable car operator are fighting a losing battle to keep their glacier alive - for business and ecological reasons.

All 20,000 were gone within hours, sold at a fiver each to shoppers keen to prove that they could consume as fervently as ever and yet be green too.

The limits of such an approach was illustrated by reports that some of the bags were handed over in the conventional sunbed-orange carriers.

At a US-European Union summit on Monday 30 April, the is rejecting language committing it to keep global warming below the recognized "danger level" of 2 degrees Celsius.

Recent efforts by German Chancellor and current EU Council President Angela Merkel to secure support were rebuffed despite intense diplomatic discussions.

"Imagine that the air is gray and filled with poison caused by cars burning oil, gasoline.

Now imagine that your political leaders are oil executives.

Buying yet another product to demonstrate one's concern for the environment smacks of self-contradiction.

The approach that many companies and consumers take, however, fits the same pattern by participating in various schemes to offset their carbon emissions.

Source: Reuters April 29 (Reuters) - Following is a ranking of the top 50 national emitters of greenhouse gases in 2000, showing huge gaps in the world picture of emissions in recent years. As scientists' warnings about global warming heat up, climate negotiators are counting down toward make-or-break talks later this year, hoping for progress on a long-term deal to sharply reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

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