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The smaller lower falls are at the bottom of the gorge and are accessible by hiking down. Visit the museum to learn about the city’s history through artefacts, which include those from the military, and the shipping and industrial industries. Climb to the top of the viewing platform and watch the ships along the canal and the St. Lacrosse is one of Canada’s national sports, dating back hundreds of years.Walk around the Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame & Museum and learn about the influence the sport has had on the culture and history of Ontario.

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There are literally over 1,300 rose bushes in the park in 25 different varieties.

It is the perfect place to stop and smell the roses.

Of all of the trails, the Bruce Trail is the oldest and today is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

It is also the longest trail in the country, with 12 kilometres of it winding through the city.

The community of Port Dalhousie is an attractive area that is known for its great waterfront. Port Dalhousie sits along Lake Ontario and is home to St. The beach sits within the historic Lakeside Park, which also features an antique carousal.

The port itself has plenty of historical significance, as it is was a main terminus for the Welland Canal.

The 660 hectare park is located at the very southwest corner of the city.

Explore the park and get sight of some wildlife, like white-tailed deer, meadow vole and coyote.

This is good news for those that do chose to visit the beautiful city, as it means better value for them. Catharines; designed by Central Park designer Frederick Law Olmsted.

The park features the largest rose collection in the city.

Short Hills Provincial Park is also home to some rare plants, including sweet chestnut, paw-paw and tulip-tree.

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