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The dog for example, cannot be used properly if Lula has anything equipped.

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This can get annoying, but should serve as a warning.

By default, double clicking the LMB (left 'maus' button) operates/takes objects and talks to persons.

Keyboard moves Lula (i.e., Miss Inflatable) forwards while the mouse lets her interact with different elements as well as turn.

The game comes with a quick sheet on the movement, as do the customizable controls in the game.

Lula 3D was intended for adult gamers, not snot-nosed little runts who think international copyright is an actual law.

Like every other global convention, the Berne meeting can be ignored by anyone who has guts -- like Adolf Hitler, Ho Chi Minh, Gamal Nasser, Deng Xiao Ping, Fidel Castro, and the thirty billion PC gamers in China.

There are some extraneous red herring items on the side of the shack; the crucial items inside the security booth are "video cable" and the two "surveillance tapes".

Equip the "video cable", use the recorder in the booth and then do the same for both "surveillance tapes".

Just try and keep your hands out of your pants when your wife walks in and wonders why it's taking you so long to look for directions to the cinema on Google Maps.

o Investigate the triplet's room o Investigate the security tapes o Call the photographer Spandau o Confer with porn producer Brian o Leave for San Francisco Investigate the triplet's room Speak with Brian (not the dog -- although it would be cool if Samuel L Jackson was in every porn movie ever made ...) and carry forth all the conversation topics thoroughly to "end" them.

You may want to reduce this to a single click instead.

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