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If a company happens to have expertise in both, great!

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Give them access to the audience chat-box questions while they are presenting.

Encourage them to engage directly such as, “Bob from Regina who has a great question.” Keep your content up as long as possible.

However, when I raised this issue with Brian Swann, director of digital services for PSAV, he pointed out the great irony of digital streaming: it does not actually take away from but can enhance face-to-face connection.

For Brian, the most significant value in streaming digital content comes when it is used in combination with face-to-face events.

” While I appreciated that the touch-point costs of engaging with conference delegates virtually were likely to be lower than a live event and, as my client pointed out, “People want to consume information from the comfort of their homes now;” I was having trouble getting past the loss of face-to-face relationship building.

“Don’t you think you’ll be missing out on forming the stronger relationships that come through face-to-face engagement?For example, Brian and his team have connected a main group in Vancouver with another group out of Toronto and still another from Montreal.“These people were able to come together in smaller, local groups to participate in the same meeting and the broadcasting hub shifted from Toronto or Montreal and then back to Vancouver,” he said.Connect your webcasting team with the venue IT people early on in the process.Between them, they will ensure that your selected venue has the required internet connectivity and type of band-width needed to parse out the digitally streamed content correctly. Your EST event schedule may make it inconvenient for your European participants.Brian has seen how offering content virtually can be a great way to attract new attendees to an existing face-to-face conference.

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