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Males and females, everyone will say the same thing." Gays in mainstream sports, particularly basketball, have never been more high profile than in April. 1 pick in the 2013 WNBA Draft by the Phoenix Mercury, had a record-setting career at Baylor University.She confirmed to Sports Illustrated on April 17 that she is gay and was bullied as a child.

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The coverage mirrors society on many issues, she added.

"Nor do I take offense to it." "For me, I'm hoping [someone's coming-out] is not the big story," Chatman said.

"I don't see what the huge deal is," said Allie Quigley, a guard for the Chicago Sky who previously played at De Paul University and hails from Joliet.

"I guess people don't care too much when a women [in sports] comes out …

"I think it's huge when you have people like President Obama and Kobe Bryant supporting Jason.

They are world famous, and to support someone like Jason for coming out, I think it helps limit close mindedness." Playing with and against gay players is not at issue to Murphy—at all.

Riley admitted she was "surprised" how much publicity Collins' coming-out received, and added that it will be interesting, long-term, to watch and gauge what impact Collins' revelation truly has.

Riley said there is a "different mindset in male sports that probably doesn't need to be there; I think it's pretty narrow minded." Riley said she has played with and against gay players, and it's never been an issue, she said.

Just as interesting, Cash noted, is, will a team keep Collins on the roster, as opposed to cutting him, just because he is gay and any potential backlash of the perception it could offer, even if all of the other players on the team truly were better than Collins.

"One thing that frustrates me is, people cannot agree to disagree, and still be loving human beings to one another," Cash said.

Collins' coming-out landed on the cover of Sports Illustrated, a sit-down Collins' family interview with Oprah, and a phone call from President Obama to Collins.

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