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There are always exceptions but they seem to be few and far between.

Although parts of Asia have become infamous for their large sex industries Ho Chi Minh City usually isn’t touted as a commercial sex center.

She is not available for service but she is very nice to look at nonetheless.

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Among these seven million people are millions of adult females.

A large number of those women are looking for sex either for fun, remuneration or a combination of both.

There they can find numerous women who are either comfortable around foreigners or looking to be.

There tend to be plenty of freelance pay-for-play gals mixed into these crowds but those looking for a little bit of free fun can also be found.

Based on the service and the women who provide it I think that the shop will soon become popular among others too.

The 7 Heaven shop is centrally located on the first alley to the right when traveling on Sukhumvit Soi 33 from Sukhumvit.Foreigners are most likely to find themselves in one of the many hostess bars of Ho Chi Minh City.These are bars staffed with (mostly) pretty women who will sit with a customer when he buys them an overpriced lady drink.While it could be easy to pass it is unlikely that anyone looking for the place would miss it.It is located right out in the open and there is a prominent pink sign in the street with the business name and logo. She is obviously fluent in her native tongue but she also speaks both English and Japanese with some skill.While Bangkok is filled with adult entertainment options regulars soon learn that most of the many shops around the city basically offer the same thing in different packaging.

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