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As she thought about the mission, though, Kim felt troubled. So she decided to skip out of the church event—it was for little kids, anyway—and go see the pastor.

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But rather than call Kim’s parents or contact the police, the shocked cleric turned to a higher authority, placing an urgent call to ABWE headquarters in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

That, Kim would realize many years later, was when the cover-up began.

“If he saw you coming, he’d light up and smile and say ‘Hi,’ and maybe give you a hug,” recalls Kim’s sister, Diana Durrill. That was the scariest thing about him: We weren’t aware of what he was doing, because he was too good at it.”Kim quickly became Ketcham’s favorite.

Donn tutored her in math; Kitty gave all the MKs art lessons.

Her parents were back in Bangladesh, working at the remote Baptist missionary compound where the family had lived, on and off, for five years.

For an adventurous and high-spirited 13-year-old like Kim, Indiana seemed dull compared to Bangladesh.

“I thought you could get pregnant from kissing a guy.” So when, at twelve, she had questions about her body, she turned to Ketcham. “Because my dad has never done this.”Ketcham encouraged her to touch him. “All I kept thinking was, ‘This is a doctor, the most godly man here.

“He was like a cross between a father figure and a grandpa,” she says. He wouldn’t do anything that’s not right.’ Then I thought, ‘Kim, just accept it.

She missed her friends, the dozen or so missionary kids everybody called “MKs.” She missed the menagerie her parents let her keep: goats, cows, a parrot, a monkey.

She missed the jackals that called in the distance at night, and the elephants that sometimes crashed through the compound fence.

A few years after Kim’s family arrived at the compound, a female missionary wrote directly to ABWE officials, recounting how Ketcham’s own daughter suspected he was having an affair; she’d caught him in his office, door locked, with a woman.

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