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), all of the people I listed here, and if you’ve sent me an encouraging email this year, prayed, chatted with me here on the blog, or given me a hug—thank you.

Your encouragement has genuinely made a difference! Leave your answers in the comments, but most of all, send some love to the people on your list! Make a Pinterest board of images that will inspire a purposeful year. Leave a link to your board in the comments so we can follow each other’s boards. I rarely use Pinterest (like twice a year) because it can be the black hole of distraction and discontent.

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It happened little by little, step by intentional step. Maybe you want to learn to use your finances well, live with less, or finally do that thing that’s been on your list forever. I’m going to leave my answer in the comments alongside you! What areas of your life need to be tended, watered, or soaked in sunshine? Winners will be announced on January 31st here on the blog. If you don’t claim your prize within 48 hours, another winner will be selected, so mark your planners and stay posted! There’s still time to gift them 2018 Power Sheets with a downloadable gift card!

And the little-by-little and big leaps of faith along the way were worth it! What I want to cultivate came to light when I did this page above in my Power Sheets: I want to cultivate space for new things to grow. 🙂 STEP FIVE: We talked about the good things from the year in Part 1. Don’t just write or say, “Everything.” Get specific and list your greatest challenges—the places that feel overgrown with impossible weeds right now. A Meyer lemon tree – a family favorite around here! : ) Also, this post contains some Amazon affiliates links.

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HARD Goals are: Heartfelt, Animated, Required, and Difficult.

SMART Goals are developed in the head while HARD Goals grip the heart.

2018 is "The Year of Release" and we have to (1) set goals and (2) set strategies to reach those goals.

This week we have worked to identify the goals and they can be SMART Goals or HARD Goals. First SMART Goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.

Here are the top posts from the Cultivate Blog too! Here’s our music video, the viral unboxing video, and we’re hiring! I’ll be back on Monday with my Top 10 Tips for Getting Started on Your Goals. If she missed a minute on social media, she might miss something.

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