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In his various screenplays and films, David Ayer has shown a seemingly bottomless interest in the Los Angeles Police Department., but it's a common problem that you meet someone and they look nothing like their photos.

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“This video adds to the negative stereotype about Asian men that they are undateable.

“We are seen as outsiders in our own homes.” According to a Tinder employee who wishes to remain anonymous, the login video was part of an “A/B testing” exercise in several countries and areas – Hong Kong included – for updates on Tinder’s login page.

The videos max out at 8 seconds, and will disappear the next day when a new question begins.

Ideally, the videos could help keep profiles fresh and weed out people who haven't updated their profile photos in years.

Dating in the smartphone age: a Chinese-American in Hong Kong discovers, and ditches, dating apps and – shock! And Asian woman can be with a white man because you’re not compromising white male sexuality and dominance and perception and straight white male insecurity.” Peretz, though, says many women in Hong Kong do see Asian men as lacking charisma.

– goes Dutch In June, Chinese-American actor Jake Choi, who has appeared in the TV shows told “Asian men in media are so desexualised and emasculated. “The problem is Asian men are dealing with stereotypes that do not represent them fairly,” she says.

, Claressa “T-Rex” Shields talks about dating her sparring partner, Rell, and how she hasn’t told their coach about it because it’s a violation of his “law.” We see Claressa, usually seen in workout gear, all dressed up for her big date at a school dance.

“Our relationship don’t got nothin’ to do with the gym,” she says.

Referring to a 2002 book, , Steve Harvey said: “That’s one page. ’ ‘No.’ ‘Thank you.’” After receiving an intense backlash, Harvey issued a public apology on Twitter.

Observers have also pointed to the lack of Asian actors in leading film roles worldwide as another example of Asian men being desexualised.

One early adaptor, Mireya, from California, said: “The video of me singing and playing guitar on my profile has definitely prompted comments from people.“It’s a conversation starter.“I’m much more likely to chat or meet up with someone after seeing a video of them because they seem more real.“I guess it’s a trust thing.”The videos are 15 seconds long and can be uploaded straight from a smartphone.

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