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I thought the unraveling of this mystery was very neat, and I definitely learned some new terms for sound.

It never really occurred to me that sound could be directed at a certain spot.

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Hebrews tells us "By faith the walls of Jericho fell down, after they were compassed about seven days." God certainly could have used any means he wanted, but clearly points to the faith of the Israelites as the cause of the wall falling down.

This seems to me that God chose to work supernaturally in this case.

Now that we understand resonance, back to Jericho; the horns generate audio which is a oscilating force.

If the horn blowers could blow a note matching the frequency if oscillation of the wall, that sound could bring the wall down.

Many thanks to the 2010 Shofar All-Stars who played for us: David Liebowitz, Daniela Drakhler, Miriam Frank, Adam Hametz-Berner, Rachel Kelk, Ed Kerson, Anna Levy, Richard Scheiner, and Robert Wine.

You kinda forgot it was not just 7 shofars that blew but nearly 3,000,000 Israelites that shouted at the top of their lungs as well and you did not factor in resonance."Then the lamb ram sheep horns began to blow The trumpets began to sound Joshua commanded the children to shout"Some of the comments left by believers are amusingly ridicules. which is why troops are taught to break stride when crossing bridges. I believe that God works within the laws of physics because he created physics. I liked the ol' hole in the shield bit there at the end but I think atmospheric conditions could have played a large role.I'd love to know how they feel about Jonah & the great fish(whale)or is this too far out for some. I make no claims that my belief is anything more than my belief. Wouldn't a wind current change the way sound travles? There are many Great comments here and I think that when combined, to me, the bible story seems more than plausible.What really tickled my fancy (hehe) was the intense reverse psychology strategy these people used against each other, at least, presented here.When one thinks of the Walls of Jericho, the usual guess is that the walls may have fallen from luck, but it's never suggested that it was all a cleverly planned attack formed on reverse psychology. I feel like that there is a logical explanation for every story of the Bible that can be explained by Physics. There is a reasonable explanation for this and it could possibly be earthquakes or other forms of natural events that could have made a difference.However nowhere does the Bible specifically say it was the sound waves themselves that caused the walls to fall just that it happened while the people shouted.

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