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“A large [amount] of Sanders’ millennial support, I think, comes from our [common] experiences in the recession that started in 2007,” Winkworth says.

“So for me personally, Sanders really speaks to how myself and my family have struggled economically over the past decade or so.” A 30-something Brooklyn user named Jocelyn (who preferred not to use her real name) says she joined Bernie Singles after it popped up in her Facebook feed around 15 times.

Programs aim to enrich our lives and connect us to our Jewish roots while building a Jewish future.

Joshua Kaunert, one of Bernie Singles’ creators, tells GOOD that the site began life as a “campy idea” conceived on the Bernie Sanders Dank Meme Stash singles group on Facebook.

Kaunert says that this Facebook page, where users shared memes and support for Sanders, became a place for singles to mingle.

Inspired by this group, Arizona State University political science student Colten Caudle threw the Bernie site up just a few days after Valentine’s Day.

The site went viral; after a week, thousands of users had signed up, and the site’s tech team has grown to more than a dozen web developers and administrators working on the project around the clock.

The Jerome Robinson Family YAD is the home for a vibrant, energized Jewish Community!

YAD creates an inclusive community of Jewish adults, 45 and under, through social, educational, cultural & philanthropic events.“And he can’t be bought by the interests who run the world by buying everyone else. The ultimate decent human being.” Jocelyn says that obviously one would want to hang out and potentially partner with someone who also appreciates such traits.For her, Sanders supporters tend to be “compassionate yay-sayers …She signed up only four days ago, but the number of events and chat rooms and the variety of users have impressed her.“Interactions I’ve had so far were very friendly, wittier than on your average dating site,” Jocelyn says.“I work in grassroots politics here in Texas, and if there had been a dating site for activists and political junkies, I would have joined it a long time ago.

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