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So it’s only natural that doctors be one of the most sought after professions that people say they want to date or marry.

Be that as it may, there are some pros and cons of dating a medical doctor we feel that you may want to keep in mind before getting involved with a doctor.

Of course, there is still a wide variety of disciplines that they could specialize in which could affect their earning potential.

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Doctors are known as one of the highest-paid professions in the country, so it’s safe to say that should you find yourself in a relationship with one, you will be living rather comfortably.

Typically, the earning potential for a doctor far exceeds that of an engineer or a college professor depending on what kind of doctor he is.

If you decide to have children with a doctor, your kids will have educational opportunities many children may not have access to.

Also since your doctor generally has empathy for their patients, your children may pick up on their good bedside manner and want to do what they can to help their fellow man.

You’ll quickly learn that a doctor often has to play God, as they hold their patients’ lives in their hands, especially if they are a doctor in the ER.

You can rest assured that your children will be taken care of and well provided for.

When you think about a doctor, you probably think about someone who is respected in the community, someone who is intelligent, cares for people, and they are well off, financially speaking.

All of these characteristics come together to make a viable candidate for any lucky single person.

By the time he's gotten through med school, residency, fellowship, and whatever the hell else one's got to do to learn how to save people's lives, he's pretty much seen it all. Also, you've learned to reevaluate what an emergency is — you now understand it's not a 40-minute brunch wait. Heck yes, you can cram two movies, that new seafood place, apple-picking, and happy hour into a single day!

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