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Looking for a job can be confusing, frustrating and time-consuming.You have to be prepared to get turned down for a few jobs, or to never hear anything back from some of the application forms you send away.Your lender will often offer to sell you a policy, but you don't have to buy it from them and, indeed, it can be much cheaper to buy elsewhere.

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Stamp duty is now simply calculated as 1pc of the selling price of any property up to €1m (2pc thereafter), and all buyers, including first time buyers, are subject to the same rate.

So if you buy a house worth €200,000, you will pay stamp duty of €2,000.

Stamp duty and VAT It is worth remembering that VAT is applied to sales of new homes, but not secondhand homes.

Darragh Duane of Pricewaterhouse Coopers points out that when buying a new home, stamp duty is only charged on the VAT-exclusive price.

Enquiries about the title could throw up problems with planning or boundaries, for instance.

If you want to buy an apartment, a solicitor could find problems or complications over the owners' management company that owns the common areas in the apartment block.

Admitting only internal evidence, they say, this evidence does not stand the test of criticism. To the head of this caste, Nergal Sharezar, Jeremias gives the title Rab-Mag , "Chief Magus" ( Jeremiah 39:3 , , in Hebrew original — Septuagint and Vulgate translations are erroneous here).

After the downfall of Assyrian and Babylonian power, the religion of the Magi held sway in Persia.

"A first-time buyer should remember that this cannot be included in the mortgage.

It should be saved in addition to the deposit," says Liam Ferguson, of Meath-based financial advisors Ferguson and Associates.

"Fees vary from solicitor to solicitor, so make enquiries and bear in mind that cheapest isn't always the best," says Dublin-based solicitor Paula Duffy.

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