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Florida state attorney Jeff Ashton, known for his prosecution of suspected child killer Casey Anthony, has been outed as a paying member of Ashley Madison, a website designed to help cheaters find partners to enjoy extramarital rendezvous with.Ashton’s credit cards were linked to activity on Ashley Madison from July 2013 through February 2015, with all transactions in connection to the attorney’s Orange County address.

The local newspaper, the San Antonio Express News, published a brief story indicating that at least three e-mail addresses associated with city workers, including two inside the police department, had been identified amid the hacked data. The sorted stories, shameful apologies and certainly the untimely deaths here highlight precisely what computer-security experts warned when data from the affair-seekers' Web site was exposed.

People — particularly public figures who face the possible wrath of their spouses, constituents or fans and the potential loss of their reputations, careers and livelihoods — might react in extreme ways.

Sometimes candidates try to find out what others can find out about them and how long it might take to find it.

Other times, campaigns hire someone to dig into the lives of their opponents.

Her first court case she claimed Pratt promised to pay her a $500,000 a year allowance and establish a five million dollar trust for her two kids, while also paying for her travel and property costs in return for giving up being a prostitute.

The late Richard Pratt (pictured) who was elected as Carlton's Football club's president Richard Pratt in 2007 was claimed to be in a de-facto relationship with prostitute Madison Ashton.[] I was just there for the research In Louisiana, Jason Doré, executive director of that state's Republican Party, told reporters that his name and other information appeared amidst the Ashley Madison hacked data because his law firm provides opposition research.Opposition research — a nice name for the work of digging into the backgrounds and often the after-hours activities of candidates vying for office — is certainly a real and frequent activity in political circles.Ashton quit the escort business to become the mistress of late billionaire Richard Pratt in return for promised cash payments and other inducements, a court has heard.She's again in court to appeal the 2012 decision which she lost The Daily Telegraph also reported, the court heard Pratt had a 'voracious appetite for young woman like Ms Ashton and that promising her five million dollars wouldn't have been very much money to such a wealthy man.Something about Ashley Madison — the affair-seeker's Web site — appeals to some people.

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