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News of the disappearances provoked global outcry earlier this year, prompting a rare pledge of a formal investigation from the Kremlin.

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HRW is calling on Vladimir Putin to publicly condemn the action and ensure an immediate shutdown of all unofficial detention facilities in Chechnya.

One victim, speaking to the rights group, said: “The [police officials] spat in our faces, they called us disgusting, offensive names, they goaded us.

” she told “If they exist of course I will help them if they come to me.

“But today if there was a member of the LGBT community, this person, knowing our traditions, could have simply gone to a train station, purchased a ticket and left without announcing it.” said its access to authorities and Argun prison was brokered through regional authorities “keen to demonstrate their innocence” and that journalists were closely monitored throughout their stay.

Their captors exposed them to their families as gay and encouraged their relatives to carry out “honour killings”, it is claimed.

“They turn the knob, electric current hits you, and you start shaking,” one former detainee, who remained anonymous, said.

“And once they’re done with you and you get your bearings, you hear other inmates screaming, and the sounds of torture are just there all day, and at some point, you start losing your mind.” The HRW report is the most comprehensive account yet of the gay purge.

It said no new abductions have taken place in recent weeks, but several men remain in detention.

Tatiana Lokshina, the Russian programme director at HRW, said reports of new abductions had stopped, suggesting that international pressure has worked.

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