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It’s not pos­sible for us to ship orders to Amazon Lockers.

You remember that that they rammed you, didn't they? I just lost it." She allegedly said: "I mean, I have done 260 on that corner, Jesse. It could be regarded as a catalyst for the four days of rioting that followed, said Sergeant Troy White, prosecuting.

The coppers did this to you so it was not your fault. They hit you, it's damaged and the Ds (detectives) that were in that car vanished within five minutes and that and they just took the car away." This false story was then adopted by Jesse Kelly, and his aunt gave it to "various wider outlets", according to a police statement to Campbelltown Local Court yesterday.

Last night Jesse Kelly was in custody after 12 days on the run.

It was not clear if he surrendered to police or was arrested.

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