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That means, in theory, the guys on the site are vetted and the bad eggs are sorted out.

Plus, the women who use the site may forge new friendships.

Obviously it's important to keep your female friends on the judge's panel too, but the way your new guy behaves around your male pals says a lot about his character and your compatibility.

Not that you need sex advice from a man to succeed, thank you very much, but when you're in a tenuous situation, say, with a gentleman who might be acting weird in the bedroom, your guy friend will probably be able to guide you so that you don't completely humiliate the guy when trying to address the issue.

Introducing your new prospect to your male friends is a great way to receive some outside perspective.

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Can heterosexual men and women ever be “just friends”?

Years ago, Ken’s best friend Adele created a dating profile for him on an old website similar to Jess, Meet Ken.

Jess, who was on the site to create a profile for a co-worker, came across Ken’s page and reached out to Adele about him. According to their website, the Deckingers got married four years later and now have three little girls. I feel very blessed to have met Jess and to have our family, and we are really excited to be able to offer that to people,” Ken Deckinger told the Daily News.

Women who have close guy friends may be misunderstood at times, but their opposite sex relationships don't diminish their love for their female friends or make them a traitor to sisterhood.

When it comes to dating in particular, sometimes a male voice can really help cut through the noise.

It's pretty simple: instead of spending six hours debating the mind-meltingly complex behavioral patterns of the adult male with your female BFFs, why not seek out a different perspective and get dating advice from your guy friends?

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