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Arthur had to arrange for the reception of 180 new call-up men, despite the ending of hostilities.

However, it was inevitable that cutbacks would soon take place.

In September 1946 Stradishall reverted to 3 Group and five squadrons of Lancasters were based here until February 1949.

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Major Pereira was now left in command of the Gibralter barracks, designated as depot of the Suffolk Regiment once again. In 1948 its training role would transfer to Colchester.

Back in Civvy Street the authorities had to cope with large numbers of men returning from the war, and houses and public utilities that had been neglected for six years.

The large establishment for training the recruits needed by the Third Infantry Division at Gibralter Barracks and Blenheim Camp, (West Lines), was now scaled down.

It was re-designated as Number 12 Primary Training Centre under Lt Colonel Milnes, late of 1 Suffolk.

In 1944 the government had passed the Housing (Temporary Accomodation) Act which aimed to replace the war damaged housing stock and introduce returning service men to work in the construction industry.

With conventional building materials and skilled labour in short supply, one solution was to turn to factory made sectional buildings which were pre-fabricated so that they could be assembled, like a kit, on site.However, building materials and skilled labour were in short supply.Work began everywhere on building new housing, and at first the emphasis was on speed.The 1946 Housing Act greatly increased the subsidy available to local authorities, and they were allowed to borrow from the Public Works Loan Board, or PWLB, who could provide loans at below normal market rates.This was a considerable incentive for local authorities to build more houses.The Gliding School of the ATC would move to RAF Honington.

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