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Though West frequently ministers in Catholic parishes and institutions, more doors are opening for him in a variety of evangelical Protestant congregations, as more of them are discovering the teaching for the first time."It's nothing but a Bible study from beginning to end," West told CP in language that undoubtedly resonates with evangelicals.Protestants need not be concerned that it was a Roman Catholic Pope who promulgated this, as it's for every Christian, he emphasized."And it's based initially on the conversation that Jesus had with the Pharisees where they are questioning Him about divorce and He says, 'Haven't you read that in the beginning that God made them male and female,'" he said, citing Matthew 19, "where He called the two to become one flesh."In that exchange the Pharisees infamously retort that "Moses allowed us to divorce our wives, what about you Jesus," West recounted.

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In a short film titled "The Cry of the Heart" that can be viewed on The Cor Project website, West recounts his own journey learning to get in touch with the deepest hungers of his soul and how angry he became with God for giving him all kinds of desires with seemingly no hope for fulfillment.

In the film he recalls a time of prayer where he dared to engage some of the heartache."God I get it, I get why people are atheists.

Yet what we see if we follow the Words of Jesus back to Genesis 1 is a sexuality that is "oriented toward the infinite," he said.

Absent an understanding of the human being, we are bound to say things like "God made me this way" and call sexual brokenness healthy, which is a grave mistake, he said."But the Good News of the Gospel is Christ came into the world to restore Creation to the purity of its origin, and that means that it's OK that we're all broken.

And when it comes to sex and the breakdown of marriage and family, sin and sexual confusion are indeed abounding, he said."But grace is abounding, the Holy Spirit grants the Church what she needs when she needs it. And I firmly believe the antidote has been given."That antidote, he maintains, is Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body.

West, 47, who is based near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where he lives with his wife, Wendi, and five childen, has dedicated his life and ministry to furthering it wherever he will be received.

There is a reason why the Apostle Paul calls the call of God on the life of the Christian "the redemption of the body," West said, referencing Romans 8: 21–23."Christ came in the flesh to redeem our flesh.

The human body, is therefore not only profoundly theological but is itself a proclamation of the Gospel message," he stressed.

Our bodies themselves proclaim the Gospel, West explains with vigorous enthusiasm, and the Gospel is a divine, marital story.

In its original form, the Theology of the Body is a series of teachings that Pope John Paul II authored in response to the sexual revolution — 129 short talks that he delivered over the course of five years during his Wednesday addresses in the 1980s.

What is needed is what John Paul II called "an adequate anthropology," a proper Christ-centered vision for what it means to be human."When our proclamation of the Gospel starts with the Fall — when we begin and we say, 'You're a sinner and you need a Savior' — that's a truncation of the Gospel," West asserted."We don't even know what sin is if we don't go back to the beginning! The gift, then, of the Theology of the Body is that it follows the Words of Christ back to the very beginning, reestablishing the fundamental goodness of the body, the goodness of sexual desire, of human fertility and the two becoming one, and the command to be fruitful and multiply.

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