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Not Asking Questions from a Well-Written Profile A woman takes a lot of time to write her profile and thinks she says a lot of interesting things.

Then, a guy messages her and just says, "hi, how are you today?

Every other woman complains that men their own age don't contact them and/or list an age range of matches as much younger than they themselves are.

One of the founders of ok Cupid just came out with a book called detailing a lot of the data he's mined from the company.

But, that isn't an excuse for a man to sit back and not reach out if he's interested.

Women go crazy when men look and look at their profile but never do anything further.4.

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Ownership Solutions Empowerment consultancy specialising in setting up and administrating employee owned trusts, with a special competency in helping companies develop and communicate a strategic value based view of Black Economic Empowerment.As young as you feel you are, there is a woman out there who feels just as young as you do.This woman sums it up when she says, "I'm a get up and go 52-year-old and the majority of men are now 'old' at that age.The 50 active ones go for much younger women, and I'm not going to go for a 70-year-old."3.Not Making a Move Modern women know that anything a man can, do they can do, too." She finds that guy isn't really interested in who she really is. Bad or Old Pictures Men are notorious for being visually stimulated, but often don't offer women the same with their own photos.

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