Dish network dvr guide not updating

Social is integrated into You Tube TV, too, with the “community” tab previously introduced on top creators’ channels becoming a part of You Tube TV’s service.Both Google and the networks will sell the ads on the service, Google said.With You Tube today bringing even more attention to the streaming TV market, the question now is whether this will be the tipping point where the number of competitors outpaces the growth of the over-the-top market itself. The company is taking sign-ups on its homepage now.

Early pioneer Sling TV has already grown to a million subscribers, according to analyst estimates released this fall, and, despite some early glitches, its numbers continue to climb.

Like You Tube TV, it also offers a base package that can be combined with add-on bundles personalized to your interests.

No other company in the world has more experience serving high-quality video over the internet, high-def streaming, apps that don’t crash and seamless integration with mobile and web.” Features: search, cloud DVR, recommendations & social You Tube TV will challenge traditional cable TV players by offering a DVR that never runs out of space, and that’s capable of simultaneous recordings.

Cloud-based DVRs have become table stakes in the live TV market, as competitors like Sling, Vue and Direc TV Now offer this feature. But You Tube TV will offer each account its own personal DVR, as well as its own tailored recommendations, shown when the app is in portrait mode.

The service is fairly low-cost, with a family of six accounts available for $35 per month, and no long-term contract required.

Earlier reports from The Wall Street Journal set pricing for the service somewhere between and per month.

These suggestions are personalized based on what you’ve watched and recorded.

When you launch the app, you can explore a visual TV guide, and quickly scan what you want to watch by flicking through channels with your thumb.

The company just slashed the prices of those add-ons, too, likely in an attempt to defer customers from leaving for You Tube.

Meanwhile, AT&T’s Direc TV Now was so buggy at launch that customers began filing complaints with the FCC in order to get refunds.

As previously reported by The WSJ and Bloomberg News, a steady drumbeat of leaks had already set the tone for what will be offered by the service.

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