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If not, proceed with using the native device driver and then skip to"Installing or Updating the RPM Driver Package With DKMS Support" on page 48.

For SUSE Enterprise Linux 10 SP4, immediately following the operating system installation, download the latest driver from com, and update the driver using the procedures detailed in this section.

User needs to put the driver update disks into the directory "//" base on the os and arch that the driver disk can support.

driver updating with linux-64

To ensure that you have the current version of the driver, download the updated Linux driver from sdriver is insufficient for installation.

In the event that an operating system is being installed with a corresponding DUD image, follow the instructions below.

I rebooted my PC with the default basic video support that comes with the OS but something seems corrupted because after everything loads and the X server is about to start I get a completely black screen again but the PC is not responding, and I can't use ctrl-alt-F3 to use the terminal or anything, so i have to hard reset.

Back in Grub I started my PC with runlevel 3 and tried to reinstall the drivers, it tells me it's successful at the end but it says "/usr/libexec/plymouth/plymouth-populate-initrd_ line 233 (line 234 and 235) dfatal: command not found" several times.

Regularly, I don't update the kernel or xorg to avoid problems with the graphic drivers, but today I updated my system without noticing that as Red Hat the whole system has been updated to the version 7.3.

The first run after the reboot I could enter the desktop but the graphics weren't working well, so I decided to reinstall the drivers, I ran aticonfig --uninstall but returned a long list of files not found in the folder /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/.I need to update my Ralink 5390 adapter driver and I don't know what the terminal command is. Perhaps it would be better to post the problem instead (in a new question)[email protected]: They were not being inconsistent.I've searched all over the net for it and I have found nothing. They said they need to update all their drivers, but they said that they need to update their wifi driver first. to update the kernel/firmware to the last available for your distribution.ran aticonfig --initial and doesn't give me any error I reboot the system once more this time the PC doesn't hang, because I can see the cursor but the rest is completely black, I can enter my username and password blindly but I can't see anything else.What is driving me crazy right now is that I had that issue before and it had a really simple solution but I can't remember exactly what I did, it was something that wasn't uninstalled properly then I could boot again the PC with the default video support, generate the rpm file install it and that's it.For the sles, if the driver update disk has the kmod rpm packages, the kmod will be installed into the new installed system.

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