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Each platform version has its own look and feel, which might be the similar to or radically different from another platform version.

eclipse android r java not updating-8

Eclipse android r java not updating

In addition to Eclipse's standard editor features, ADT provides custom XML editors to help you create and edit Android manifests, resources, menus, and layouts in a form-based or graphical mode.

Double-clicking on an XML file in Eclipse's package explorer opens the appropriate XML editor.

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In addition, some special file types that don't have custom editors, such as drawables, animations, and color files offer editing enhancements such as XML tag completion.

ADT provides the following custom, form-based XML editors: Edit and design your XML layout files with a drag and drop interface.You can access these enhancements by holding down the control key and clicking on the following items: ADT provides many features to allow you to design and build your application's user interface.Many of these features are in the graphical layout editor, which you can access by opening one of your application's XML layout files in Eclipse.Note: You can edit Android-specific XML files (such as a layout or manifest) in both a graphical mode and also an XML markup mode.You can switch between these modes with the pair of tabs at the bottom of each custom XML editor.This platform version does not need to be the same as the version that your application targets.

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