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So forgive me if I do not care when the show tries to make me feel for them (and often, unfortunately, it does).

Anything that comes out of Ako's mouth is a pain to the senses.

She even goes as far as to lie about meeting up with another dude to get back at the protagonist and make him jealous.

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At least something like Oreimo, as painful a show as it often was, actually made an effort to make its characters something more than that.

On numerous occasions, Ako makes it clear that she is a terrible girlfriend who has no right dating anyone.

The protagonist is the single most important character in a story, and here he is the least interesting.

I get it-- the girls need to be cute in a harem series, and so they might take a higher priority, but that is still no excuse for making the protagonist a lifeless sack of nothing.

They exist primarily as eye-candy, showing up, for example, in a vapid 'beach episode', where they join Ako, swimsuits and all, in lathering the protagonist with sunscreen.

Netoge doesn't really have any idea of whether it wants to commit solely to Ako or fully embrace the harem route, and often it will switch directions one or more times per episode. (It also goes without saying that Netoge, given its genre, is ripe with unnecessary fanservice.Although he entertains the possibility that she might be a guy, Rusian accepts her proposal, claiming that her gender doesn't matter as long as she is cute in the game.However, after a discussion between guild members that led to all of them having an offline meeting, Rusian finds out that Ako, along with the other members, are not just girls, but also his schoolmates. Another light novel adaptation with a harem, a stupidly long title that nobody in their right mind would want to pronounce, and a story revolving around MMOs.She claims real-life is a kusoge and compares luck to item drops in a game.Even the most extreme of otaku on 2ch and other places have the sense to treat these sorts of comments as a joke.And the two of them like to imagine themselves a married couple? Marriage is not play-time-- it requires a great deal of compromise and sacrifice, and would crush their childish fantasy as a result.

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