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that they think they got you with that pitch, (like) if a pitcher throws a good curveball or a good slider and you buckle a little bit. You know, seeing that, what pitch he’s going to throw next, or you have a much better idea of what he’s going to do after that.” One of Longoria’s best attributes at the plate is that his swing stays in the zone for a long time. Obviously the flatter the plane, the better the chance you’re going to hit the ball on the barrel.” A late bloomer, Longoria wasn’t drafted out of high school, nor did he have any scholarship offers then.He went to junior college for a year and followed that with an MVP season in the Cape Cod League and a strong year at Long Beach State. Longoria remains close to a group of guys who have known one another since they were kids in California.

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Longoria sports a close-cropped beard and a vintage David Bowie T-shirt. The relationship between Longoria and Edmondson is the kind that sets tongues to wagging: Longoria is rich and handsome, a Gold Glove-winning All-Star and one of the most prominent athletes in Florida.

Edmondson was a Miami Dolphins cheerleader for six years, has been on two seasons of The Amazing Race and co-hosts a radio show devoted to fantasy football. Yes, the Internet finds it newsworthy when an athlete dates a Playmate.

Longoria is confident he will rebound and says he feels better swinging the bat than he did last spring.

AL East previews: Yankees | Red Sox | Rays | Blue Jays | Orioles The conversation turns to hitting, and it is clear Longoria studies his craft closely.

Longoria enjoys cooking because he likes preparing something for others (and himself) to enjoy. I like to have people over, cook for a big crowd, have people at the house,” he says. (Longoria offers no denial about this.) He has a towel over his shoulder, and he’s flipping things.” Edmondson had no idea Longoria could cook because he never does during the season. She was thrilled to learn he has interests beyond hitting a round ball with a round bat.

He dabbles in everything from soup to cabbage rolls to barbecue, and his work in the kitchen sounds like his work in the batter’s box. “When he’s cooking, he doesn’t check his phone, nothing. “It took seven months to see that person,” she says.

Longoria orders steak, and Edmondson orders Maddonini chicken—named after the Rays manager, who is friends with the owner and eats here several times a week.

The food is terrific and spins the conversation in an unexpected direction: Longoria’s passion for cooking.

Evan Longoria calls 20 minutes before he’s supposed to arrive at River City Grill and says he’ll be there in 10 minutes. His manager, Joe Maddon, is in the bar area, but neither sees the other as Longoria walks to a table in the back.

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