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As I grew older, I became a Pro Wrestler, in front of thousands of people.Again I was approached by many women because they saw my body in action in the ring.

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The other person feels that they are getting a really well balanced person and then when familiarity sets in, the other side appears.

They feel that being pretty or well built is enough.

I've experienced this as I had a girlfriend who never wanted to go to the beach with me because she said I got more looks than she did and she was beautiful.

No matter what you say to convince them they're beautiful and it's not necessary for them to train, they'll still feel second to you.

The best meeting place I found is in the gym because you are on common ground and today most are into fitness.

It's huge and the best way to begin a conversation and see where it goes from there.

There is no question that our eyes are attracted to things that look great whether it be women, cars, houses, scenery or anything else. There are a lot of great women out there and I know many of them that tell me that they just can't find the right man.

By the same token Men tell me that they can't find the right woman.

I've also met a lot of women who are not the top 10 but they have a quality and kindness that over rides the looks and some are very sexy and attractive because of that. I've had even younger guys express the same feelings to me, who really haven't experienced life yet.

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