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I got this laptop delivered just three days ago, the computer has a nice sleek look with long battery life. Came with two versions of Windows installed, so it had no free space for even basic programs. The less powerful processor causes any auto update - Windows, anti-virus, browsers - to take up all of the processing power, so it's hard to do anything until you let those finish.However, it is very slow, especially when handling websites like Facebook or even Best Buy website. Consider changing the power options to 'always on' and schedule updates overnight so they won't interfere.It's basically like a Windows tablet with a keyboard attached, most suitable for kids or simple web surfing.

- cannot reset the PC to factory because not enough space for temp files.

But it looks amazing and travels well because of the small form factor...bottom line...sense to buy it if you can't use it. AVOID THIS AND SPEND A FEW MORE DOLLARS ON SOMETHING WAY BETTER AND MORE CURRENT.

Long battery life, nice keyboard, super cute design. Sure, it's only got 32g of space (which is 15g free space, since the OS takes up half), but I have a TB external, so I really don't care. This could have been a nice machine, but the 32gig sd drive, cannot be upgraded to a larger drive.

At first I was worried because all the websites were lagging super hardcore, until I realized the laptop was updating in the background. That leaves very little space for software after windows is installed.

At first the light blue color was a bit strange to me, but now I even like the color!

I have never written reviews before, but I just wanted others not to get affected by the other poor reviews. Cant say enough how pleased I am with this machine. I've had many comments "it looks like a toy computer" which in fact it does.

It was an extremely time-consuming challenge to search for various ways to uninstall them, and there are many that will simply not go away - Cortana, anyone?!? I knew I was not buying a powerhouse, but this has to be the WORST piece of garbage I have bought.

I'll be going back to my vendor to have them wipe everything and then re-install what I need... 2 tips for new users: perhaps start from scratch (Settings, Update&Security, Recovery) and install Mc Afee (or other) first, and if you lose your desktop and icons, ensure you are in desktop mode (Settings, System, tablet mode). Pros: - It boots up quickly - Nice Display - Very slim compact design - Well placed keyboard Cons: - slow like Molasses - takes over a minute for games to load - loaded with adware garbage - once you install Microsoft Office which is included the solid state drive is full and you keep getting cleanup errors.

As long as you just want to surf the net and do some MS Office work, I highly recommend this laptop. If you want a professional looking laptop this is not for you.

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