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For those who may not know, a brief explanation should suffice. Vincent de Paul founded two Communities: 1) the Congregation of the Mission (Vincentian Fathers) and 2) the Daughters of Charity, sometimes called the Sisters of Charity.

At the time Mary manifested the design of the Medal of her Immaculate Conception, Catherine Laboure was a novice in the Paris motherhouse of the Daughters of Charity.

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Catherine Laboure by Father Dirvin will be the definitive biography of St. Like many other people, I suppose, I have never been quite certain of the meaning of this word as it is applied to a biography.

When the first Medals were cast two years later, it was only natural that they should be distributed by the spiritual sons and daughters of St.

Vincentfirst in France, and then throughout the world.

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Born the youngest of three children in Birkenhead, Merseyside, he says it might just as well have been Weatherfield.‘There was a woman just like Elsie Tanner round the corner and we had our own Ena Sharples down the road,’ he says.

The first organized effort to spread devotion to Mary through her Medal was made in the United States, in 1915, by the Vincentian Fathers of Germantown, Philadelphia.

Prompted by a desire to show our appreciation for a wonderful favor received through the Medal, the superiors of our Community decided to establish an association to promote devotion to Mary Immaculate.

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