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A lifetime of that, and then regret in your old age for never having done what you wanted.

I've recently gotten back in the dating game after being out for years. Second time this happened I was having a convo at work with a woman about skiing and I told her how I have never been skiing before. If you don't mind confrontation it's not a problem, but most women are not overtly confrontational.

Now, I manage a band of five people who I love as friends and musicians.

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My gut has never lead me astray, except when I've ignored it. She lives in my hometown, laughs at everything, has the biggest eyes I've ever seen, and is unfailingly patient. I go to them for advice on everything from business to love. All these things have added up, and now, I'm happy as fuck.

Oh, and she's a doctor, and she had the highest grades in the entire province when she graduated high school, and she's a great kisser, and family is really important to her, and she enjoys hiking, and she's kind-hearted, and on, and on. I've made time to go home more often to see my family. Change is gradual and incremental, but lots of small changes add up.

Learn or perfect whatever skill you want, and then hustle it online, or at farmer's markets, or on community poster boards. Build the business up until you're making however much money you need to, and then move on. Take your pick: 1) guaranteed suffering if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, or 2) the potential to be truly happy if you make the changes you already know you need to make. I hate seeing people stuck because I know what that feels like.

I have a theory that every person can do something to make $20/hour (or more) in self-employment. I think sticking with suffering, and unhappiness is a way bigger risk.

I was working a job that lead to my first panic attack. The first thing I did was build a website for my notary public services.

I spent 70 hours a week at the office and hardly ever saw my friends or family. I ate protein bars for most meals because I didn't make time to cook. No, actually, the first thing I did was go to the Halifax Central Library and take free online course for about 6 weeks on coding and website development. Then I took some free courses on Search Engine Optimization ("SEO"), and used that magic on my website.

I want something deeper than that at this stage in my life. But I find it strange that they'd be willing to give out the number when those crazy psycho dudes probably would never EVER stop calling / texting. Originally Posted by HUELEN10 What is mean about simply saying something like "I'm sorry, but I'm just not interested" so neither party wastes their sanity or time? Usually for girls who do this to me, I call or text them, letting them know, it seems you probably have another situation going, call me when you're ready to chill. A lot guys develop this passive aggressive women frustration because of this. You're not interested in all the women you meet, neither are they. Although, I don't even think it's worthwhile to tell them later, after you night you met, to "call you when she's ready" - has that worked for you?

So I've been on the hunt for about 4 months now and something really fucking bizarre is happening. NOPE, before I could even say "Well I figured, but that's cool. There are some desperate mofos out there, lol So it's possible. I think in my experience, sometimes it's that they don't know what they're actually looking for. One doesn't have to be mean, while still being quick and direct. I don't even go down that road, if they aren't trying to make it happen after we meet, then there's no point in even try to throw that line out there telling them to call you some other time. You met someone and getting caught up in trying to make it happen when the other person isn't committed to getting together again is dumb. It's the learning to stop focusing on that one girl or encounter.

What's something you could make just 1% better for yourself today?

There's no reason for anybody to stay in a dead-end job.

Some of them were business ideas, some were lists of employable skills I had, others were names of people I loved, or things I was grateful for. The point was to start exercising my creative muscles again.

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