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So what exactly are the signs that people like me give back to show that we are interested in learning more about you?

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I mentioned that we didn’t really carry that item here and that the store was closing up.

So, she asked if I knew any other places around the area and I mentioned there were many.

So, while I did give her an alias I gave her an e-mail address as well as I told her I actually check that often. Again, I knew that she wanted me to say ask her out or something.

To give her another hint that I would be open to it, I started to ask her about her personal life such as what school she went to, the type of courses she was taking, etc.

Example, like in this scenario I wouldn’t have even asked about her background or education or even offer to give her my contact information.

Just the fact that I even continued to communicate with her is a good indication already.When this girl came up to me I treated her like any other customer while having fun talking about the products.When she turned around and came back with a semi stuttering voice asking me for an online contact I immediately knew that she liked me and was interested in getting to know me better.For this particular day, I am usually one of the associates that help to close the store down for my department specifically.Sure enough, she arrives about 5 minutes before the store closes saying that she was looking for something for her dad.Now here was a big clue that I gave as a way of saying “you seem like a cool person and I would be really interested in learning more about you too”. What happened was that she would come back to the store to chat with me again in a semi nervous type of way.

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