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Smooth or finely textured surfaces adorned mats up to about 1859. Then, intricate designs began appearing, stamped into very thin mats. Along with mat designs becoming more ornate, the preserver also became more intricate, and delicate.

Preservers before 1859 were usually plain along the edges, with a singular and simple design.

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Note: Don't mistake the reflection of the cover glass to be the mirror look.

If the image is out of the case, you will be able to confirm the nature of the photograph.

Image on Glass Dating ambrotype photographs is fairly easy for genealogists.

It is a cased image like the daguerreotype, but it was short-lived.

Disraeli’s wife Mary Anne said of him: ‘Dizzy has always given me love, comradeship, trust and good manners.’Bothering to put your phone away and make eye contact with the woman who is scanning your shopping at the supermarket, standing up for someone’s granny on the bus, not stealing from the office fridge — these are the everyday signs of common courtesy.

According to my children, who between them have seven children aged under ten, it’s the great debate at school gates all over the country: is it acceptable to drop your offspring off at school while still in your pyjamas?Yesterday, Gyles Brandreth revealed his top tips for entertaining. When I got married in 1973, the romantic novelist Barbara Cartland gave me a copy of her Etiquette Handbook as a wedding present.Here, in part three of his brilliantly witty series, he takes us through a day in the world of manners — from how to ensure domestic bliss to the perils of office etiquette... (I knew her at the time because I was then the youngest person on the after-dinner speaking circuit and she was probably the oldest, and we shared an agent.)‘Unless she is ill, a woman should get up and cook her husband’s breakfast before he goes to work in the morning.The ambrotype's life span was very short, wide-spread use was less than ten years, but produced a vast collection of beautiful images.While the name ambrotype was derived from the Greek word ambro, meaning imperishable, it was still a delicate, easily damaged photograph.It is bad manners to do this in curlers, without lipstick, in a shabby dressing-gown and down-at-heel slippers.

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