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You are more likely to speed and to have problems judging distances at bends.Motorcyclists will have problems driving in a straight line. Don't get into a car with anyone who has taken drugs and if possible stop them from driving.

Some medicines will affect your mental alertness or co-ordination and this means it's not safe to drive after taking them.

If you drink while using medication there's even more risk.

This means that you can be charged for possessing even the smallest amounts of drugs.

The court may decide that the drugs were not intended for personal use and that you planned to sell them or supply to other people.

Earlier in the day, at midday, the M3 buoy, off the south west coast measured an individual wave height of 13.59 metres, although this was not a record wave for this buoy, it says.

University College Cork climatologist Dr Kieran Hickey said the data so far did not indicate Ophelia broke land wind speed records, or wave records, but may break records for insurance claims - currently estimated at up to €800 million.

In deciding this, they will consider how much of the drug was seized by Gardaí.

The law doesn’t state a particular amount of drugs but it must be "tangible and visible".

You might also take greater risks such as dangerous overtaking or driving too close to other cars.

Your vision is affected and you'll be slow to react at red lights and emergency stops.

Three people died in the Republic in tree-fall-related events as a result of Ophelia, whereas four people – possibly six – died in weather-related incidents during the sub-zero temperatures of December 2010.

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