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it took me five years to figure out that he loved me but didnt want to give up the single life. He even went as far as getting another cell phone to contact women. Your husband has probably found another way to deceive you, by closing the sites in front of you, is his way of assuring you won't suspect him to any of those behaviors again. Normally I'd be inclined to say forgive and move on but you don't have much to move on from here.and remember any guy that does wrong has an excuse why. He uses social networking sites to reach out to women. So, you will think he's working, when really he's doing the same thing you caught him doing. It's not as though he has established years of good faith with you to take trust from.He is everything to me, my best friend, my husband, my life. He shut down all 3 profiles and his email account in front of me. A man just does not get physically sick like that due to emotions.

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I gave him the benefit of the doubt and we argued, fought, I almost broke his new computer I was so pissed.

I left, came back and he assured me that he deleted all of his online dating accounts.

I'm about to kick his sorry no good butt out today. You won't know if it has gone in to meeting someone unless you are with him 24/7.

So if you have lost that trust for him then you can't live you life fearing that he is cheating on you with someone.

When I confronted him he told me he had been really stupid and never thought about what he was risking.

He works 14 hour days He works full time and then comes home to work on his business which he hopes to make a success for us so we can have the life we have always talked and dreamed about.Me at 25 weeks pregnant he has a new computer and starts shutting the screen when I get close.I snuck up on him one day and saw a girl on the screen so I went and set up fake users on each dating site I knew he used and baited him. It was a Friday night, date night and we were scheduled to do a tour of the birthing center where are baby is to be worn really really soon.You cannot judge your man by other womens' experiences.Yes, tread carefully, but don't be so quick to judge him. I have been married for under a year and started seeing the signs of my husband using these sites a few months ago, shortly after I got pregnant.If you have any doubts about him, get out of the marriage before you've lost more than a year.

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