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The former neuroscience graduate student tried to jam a staple into an electrical outlet. Prosecutors have yet to decide whether to seek the death penalty. Defense attorneys say Holmes is mentally ill and have said they might call witnesses who could discuss Holmes' mental health.

The description of Holmes after the attack, given by police detective Craig Appel, seemed to conflict with prosecutors' attempts to show Holmes as methodical, spending two months to assemble his arsenal.

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Authorities went to the apartment and carefully dismantled them.

Prosecutors also used Holmes' dating website profiles to try to prove he knew the consequences of his actions.

It was just hours after a Colorado movie theater shooting, and James Holmes was not acting like a man accused of methodically planning the attack that killed 12 people.

As a police detective interviewed the suspect they'd picked up outside the theater, he started pretending the paper bags on his hands — meant to preserve gunshot residue — were puppets. The description came Tuesday as prosecutors try to show that Holmes should face a trial for the July 20 attack at a midnight showing of "The Dark Knight Rises." He faces more than 160 felony charges for allegedly killing 12 and injuring 70.

The attempt at a distraction speaks to a plan to escape but the traps weren't triggered.

Holmes, clad from head to toe in body armor, was found standing by his car outside the theater.

He told investigators that the apartment setup was an effort to pull police away from the theater so, under that scenario, he wouldn't expect to see police so quickly.

Police said he volunteered information about the traps.

Holmes last accessed the sites two days before the July 20 shooting, detective Tom Welton testified.

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