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Large groups of Takenokozoku would choreograph dances in the streets of Harajuku, playing the current popular music on their boom boxes.

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They wore their school uniforms with the skirts shortened, tanned their skin, and bleached their hair. Some girls would use sock glue to keep their loose socks from slipping.

Although some Ko Gals of Shibuya did take part in enjo kosai (paid dating), it was not quite as popular as the media made it out to be.

Over the next ten weeks, the rivals become tougher popularity being one possible reason.

The rivals will also not be in school before their week begins, so you can't get rid of them early. She is Senpai's Tsundere childhood friend and secretly harbors feelings for him.

By the 80s, the number of male biker groups began to decrease.

However, more and more girl biker groups began to pop up.

They were viewed as creative and influential to fashion by some, and looked on with confusion and amusement by others. Sukeban were known for forming all girl gangs, and then committing acts of violence and shoplifting. They were inspired by the gangs of boys known as Bancho, who hoped to one day join the yakuza.

There was quite a range in size for the Sukeban groups, but the largest was known as the Kanto Women Delinquent Alliance, which included 20,000 girls. The Sukeban girls followed strict rules within their own groups, and breaking them would result in lynching.

A cheerful and friendly girl, she finds it very easy to make friends, and her nature is what attracts Senpai to her.

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