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In college, graduate school and through most of my 20s I had always been a serial dater.

I played the dating game throughout college in Rochester, grad school in Boston and first job in Miami (where I also thawed out). The only thing we still enjoyed was a Saturday night flick and even then he refused to go to a new release because of the lines and crowds. It wasn't his thing and I had spent too many years working with my head in the sand to even notice.

There are more "handles" than names on these sites like "just4u," 2good" or "luvmyharley." And not everyone posts pictures.

I assume the guys without photos are sex offenders, shrinks or have photos plastered on the wall of the post office.

They tell you about the services they offer which includes: .

That is pretty much it, besides the current member count.The second I toss over my Am Ex card to the waiter I cross the guy off my list for good (at least I get guest rewards).The more you spill, the more pics you post, the more clever you are..more messages you'll get.Plus, at my age, with all that I'm now able bring to the table, I don't feel like giving my heart to just anyone.So, dude, whatever you do, please don't kiss me in the Ladies room.Friends say that with 189 dates under my belt, I should have already found Mr.

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