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In the huddle, Starr told his offense, “Let’s get it done.” In what was to become famous in NFL lore as “The Drive,” Starr negotiated his offense over the treacherous field, which the media dubbed the “Frozen Tundra,” inside the Cowboys’ red zone and down to the one-yard line.With 16 seconds remaining, the Packers used their last time out.He is ever the Southern gentleman.)***If you fell asleep on New Year’s Day, 1968, and woke up in time for this weekend’s game, you’d notice some startling changes in pro football.

We caught him just as he was sitting down to lunch, and he graciously shared his ham sandwich.

He diagrammed the play for us on a piece of yellow legal paper.

There were actually 25 pro football teams, but nine played for the NFL’s competition, the upstart AFL.

The 1967 Packers and Cowboys could only dress 36 players for each game with several reserves available on the “taxi squad” to step in for injured players.

Anyway, no one could stand the thought of overtime. Starr ran a quick count and lunged between Kramer and Bowman into the end zone—and into pro football immortality. The late Steve Sabol, who with his father Ed founded NFL Films, the visual archive of the game’s history, said, “Bart’s quarterback sneak established instant replay.

Our cameras captured it from exactly the right angles, and the news channels ran it over and over.But that day, much to Lombardi’s fury, the coils malfunctioned, and the turf, said Green Bay’s All-Pro Jerry Kramer, was more like the surface of a hockey rink—except you can skate smoothly on a rink. “When you went down, it was like falling on a jagged concrete surface.”(The heating system at Lambeau Field was replaced in 1997 with coils filled with antifreeze, and today they even have an artificial lighting system to keep the grass growing in the winter.)And it got worse as the game went along.As the sun went down, shadows covered the field; the temperature dropped to -19 with the wind chill at 46 below. The Packers great linebacker, Ray Nietzsche, had six toes blistered by frostbite with his feet swelling inside his cleats.This year, they will take the field with 46 players in uniform and seven on reserve.Over the years, rosters have expanded to accommodate specialists.Almost as if he knew that the game against the Cowboys would cap his legacy, Packers coach Vince Lombardi had personally overseen the installation of electric heating coils to keep the field soft enough for cleats to dig in.

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