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His argument seems to be that the Hebrew is characteristic of a much later era, with substantial Aramaic influence.On the other hand, a long tradition asserts Solomonic authorship, and some modern commentaries object to Delitzsch’s conclusions.

linguistic evidence and the dating of qoheleth-86

The book also demonstrates Aramaic influence, whether because it was originally written in that language and then translated into Hebrew, or because the author was more comfortable with the Aramaic language.

Since Aramaic developed as a separate language well into the first millennium BCE, the Book of Ecclesiastes could not have been authored by Solomon. Seow says in his paper, 'Linguistic Evidence and the Dating of Qohelet', published in the Journal of Biblical Literature, Vol 115, No 4, 1996, page 645, says the text as we have it shows full use of vowel letters, and the ample use of internal letters points to an exilic or post-exilic date.

Seow says if the MT is a reliable witness to the book's original orthography, its spelling convention is quite consistent with what one would expect in the exilic or post-exilic period.

Seow says (page 651) the presence of isolated Aramaisms does not prove an exilic or post-exilic date, especially in documents from the north (Israel), but the frequent use of Aramaisms in I appreciate the references.

After the return from exile in the late sixth century BCE, we have the era of LBH. Hebrew biblical texts can, therefore, be dated on linguistic grounds because LBH was not written early, nor did EBH continue to be written after tiie transition to LBH.

We suggest that following through the logic of this chronological approach to BH actually leads inevitably to the conclusion that all the biblical texts were composed in the postexilic period, which is exactly the opposite of what its proponents have claimed.I kind of already realize that this is the basic argument, though.I’m really interested in learning just what are those linguistic features that reflect Aramaic influence or other aspects of postexilic Hebrew.I looked up the article that David cited and gave some more detail.Restricted by i) my inadequate Hebrew (I did not want to inadvertently get the grammar wrong) and ii) concern for copyright restrictions against large-scale copy-paste. Used books may not include companion materials, some shelf wear, may contain highlighting/notes, may not include cdrom or access codes. Comment: Connecting readers with great books since 1972.

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